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2020-01-01 01:04 pm
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Hello! If you're here for the fanfiction, there's an archive below the cut. Many of these works are yaoi/shonen-ai, and some may be rated as high as NC-17. If this is not your cup of tea, then please leave. All entries will be clearly labeled, so proceed at your own risk. Comments and crits are always welcome. Flames will be deleted without comment.

Otherwise, feel free to browse! Friending is always welcome; but if we haven't interacted much, you might want to drop me a comment. If I don't recognize a name, I might not friend back ^_^.

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2017-07-02 10:30 pm

FMA Fic, "Marked", Roy/Ed, PG

Title: Marked
Rating: PG
Genre: AU, Romance
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Warnings: none

Follow on to Stigma because I can't help myself.

Ed fought to keep from blacking out. The rubble and debris surrounding him only entered his awareness when it it dug into his side or scraped his hand as he shifted about trying to cling to the tiny thread of awareness. He was focused on one thing: Al. Al better be okay.

Because Ed was going to kill him.


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2017-02-04 05:43 pm

FMA Fic, "Can You Feel the Silence," Roy/Ed, NC-17

Title: Can You Feel the Silence
Rating: NC-17
Genre: PWPangst
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Warnings: none


It was the sound of the shower that woke Ed. It was so familiar and comfortable that he almost went right back to sleep, but some part of his brain woke up enough to follow the lazy Roy’s taking a shower with Roy’s not home.

He sat bolt upright and blinked around at the room. The lamp on Roy’s side was on. Roy’s uniform jacket had been flung onto the foot of the bed. Roy’s boots were sitting in front of the closet.

While Ed had been trying to force the evidence before him to make sense with his understanding of reality the water shut off. A moment later Roy stepped out of the bathroom, dressed in his pajama pants and toweling off his hair. “Did I wake you? I’m sorry.”


This fic has been brought to you by sparkly ink and the fact that THE WORLD HAS GONE TO SHIT AND I NEED SOME PORN

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2016-12-24 12:52 pm

FMA Fic, "Yule Log," Roy/Ed, G

Title: Yule Log
Author: [personal profile] dragonimp
Rating: G
Genre: Romance, WaFF
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Warnings: sappiness
Summary: “Snow getting to you?”

Read on Ao3||read on LJ

For some reason Roy had tucked himself away in the front room, so Ed decided to be courteous for once and bring the cocoa to him. He found him sitting by the window, seemingly mesmerized by the flurry of snow outside.

“If this keeps up, we might be here longer than we thought,” Ed remarked. “I hope you planned for—ack!”

Without warning Roy grabbed him around the middle, pressing his face to Ed’s chest. Ed stumbled, juggling the mugs and somehow getting them safely to the windowsill without scalding either one of them. “Shit, Roy, I don’t actually want to dump hot liquid on you! What’s with you?”

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2016-07-30 08:00 am

FMA Fic, "Ice and Rocks Were Not Part of the Plan", Roy/Ed, PG-13

Title: Ice and Rocks Were Not Part of the Plan
Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance, fluff
Pairing: Roy/Ed

For: “One blanket, two frozen assholes...”


It was supposed to be a simple mission.  Just a meeting with the commander of North City, maybe an inspection of one or two of the outposts.

Ed had insisted on coming along and Roy still wasn’t sure why.  He wasn’t even full military anymore, hadn’t been since he’d come back.  But he said he’d “never been up that way,” and even though Roy had told him there wasn’t much to see except snow and more snow, here he was.  In the exact right place for his life to be in danger once again.

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2016-07-28 08:00 am

FMA Fic, "Stigma," Roy/Ed, PG

Title: Stigma
Rating: PG
Genre: AU, angst
Pairing: Roy/Ed

For: “Soulmarks on the wrist/arm that Ed lost”


“I’m sorry I can’t be more help, Alphonse.”  Roy set another box on the to sell stacks by the door.  It wasn’t as if he would be needing much up north.  “And I’m sorry I’m not being a better host.”

“That’s okay, Sir,” the boy was quick to assure him.  “I’m just glad I caught you before you had to leave.”

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2016-07-27 08:00 am

FMA Fic, "The Hour of the Wolf," Roy/Ed, PG

Title: The Hour of the Wolf

Rating: PG

Genre: angst

Pairing: Roy/Ed

Warnings: talk of depression, PTSD

For: “Vulnerabilities”


Ed stumbled out into the living room, his half-awake brain honing in on the incessant, obnoxious ringing that had woken him in the fuck-ass hours of the morning.  His feet propelled him forward as he went through his options:  he could ignore it and let Al deal with it; he could unplug the damn thing; or he could pick it up and see who it was like a responsible person.

He stared at the receiver that was now in his hand.  Guess he was going for option three.  Although now that the noise had stopped, the temptation to simply drop the phone and go back to sleep was strong.  But curiosity and the fact that so few people called—and never at this hour—finally won out, and he put the phone to his ear.  “H’lo?”


He blinked, startled awake another two notches.  He knew the voice on the other end, but something didn’t sound right.

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2016-04-15 12:49 pm

FMA Fic, "Hazard on the Slopes", G, Roy/Ed

Title: Hazard on the Slopes
Author: [personal profile] dragonimp
Rating: G
Genre: AU, romance
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Warnings: none
Summary: "I dunno, there are worse ways to bump into someone."
Notes: Based on this prompt: "Person A is a really bad skier who accidentally collides with person B, a good skier. Person A feels really bad and sits with person B until the ski patrol comes."

It was a big mountainside, right? Plenty of room. At least that's what Roy had told himself. And yet, somehow, he was careening toward a collision with another skier and all he could do was shout out a warning. He didn't just crash into the small blond—he completely bowled the person over and sent both of them tumbling, skis and poles and limbs everywhere.

"Sorry! I'm sorry!" He fumbled around in the snow, cursing the skis and those damn rigid boots. How did anyone move in these? He finally managed to extricate himself without doing too much damage and awkwardly reached a hand out. "Are you all right?"

The other skier didn't answer right away. From the long hair and short stature he'd been afraid he'd run over a child, but when the skier pulled his scarf down and pushed up his ski goggles he could see that this guy was at least in his twenties. That made him feel slightly less terrible.

"I think you broke my leg."

So much for that.

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2016-03-08 08:33 pm

FMA Fic, "Idiot," Roy/Ed, G

Title: Idiot

Rating: G

Genre: fluff, romance

Pairing: Roy/Ed

Warnings: spoilers if you haven't read this fic yet

Little ficlet that goes with this picture - takes place before the epilogue of Prices


Roy let his head fall back on the couch. His hands, heavy and alien-feeling still, rested in his lap. He knew this sort of thing just took time—years, in fact—but it was hard not to get frustrated.

A hand settled on either side of his head. "So how many glasses did you break today?"


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2016-02-29 09:15 pm

Re: Fic

Well, that seems to be a "no."

If you're still interested in fic from me it'll be over on Ao3.

Art will be on tumblr.

At this point it's just an extra hassle to crosspost with no real benefit.

Edit: turning the comments back on on LJ for this much.
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2015-11-16 11:27 am

FMA Fic, "Collared: Chapter 11: Eye of the Storm" Roy/Ed, PG

Title: Collared: Chapter 11: Eye of the Storm
Author: [personal profile] dragonimp
Rating: PG
Genre: AU, master/slave
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Warnings: none
Summary: "What are you going to tell them at your debriefing?"

One might think they had something to hide )
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2015-11-12 09:11 pm

FMA Fic, "Prelude to a Dance," Roy/Ed, PG

This is one of the most self-indulgent things I've written but it didn't turn out too bad, so why not. It follows Serpent's Gold.

Title: Prelude to a Dance
Author: [personal profile] dragonimp
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance, AU
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Warnings: none
Summary: "Fancy meeting you here."

That wasn't the reaction he'd been hoping for. )
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2015-10-26 05:34 pm

FMA Fic, "Hope is a Waking Dream," Roy/Ed, PG

Title: Hope is a Waking Dream
Author: [personal profile] dragonimp
Rating: PG
Genre: AU, soulmate AU
Pairing: Roy/Ed, Ed/OC
Warnings: none
Summary: But some parts of the past were not so easy to sweep away.

I've got you. )
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2015-10-21 11:53 am

FMA Fic, "Mother Arc: Chapter 23", Roy/Ed, PG

Title: Mother Arc: Chapter 23
Author: [personal profile] dragonimp
Rating: PG
Genre: family saga
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Warnings: none
Summary: "You're not so magnanimous that you'd go to all this trouble for just scraps of knowledge. So what is it?"

I had to know. )
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2015-07-07 11:13 am

FMA Fic, "Collared: Chapter 10: Down to Ash" Roy/Ed, PG-13

Title: Collared: Chapter 10: Down to Ash
Author: [personal profile] dragonimp
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, Master/slave
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Warnings: implied gore
Summary: “The entire city is booby-trapped and everyone within its borders is in danger. I need everyone to head back to base immediately!”

The men and women there were his responsibility )
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2015-07-06 03:14 pm

FMA Fic, "Such Stuff as Dreams are Made On," Roy/Ed, PG

Sequel to What Dreams May Come, because this AU keeps breaking my heart and I need to share the pain:

Ed’s hand shot out and grabbed his wrist.  Mustang was waiting for him; his own hand clamped around Ed’s wrist as soon as it got close.  Ed stared up at him, found him smiling in a way he wasn’t used to, in a way that . . . he wasn’t sure what it meant.  He worked his mouth, finally found his voice.

“This . . . isn’t really a dream, is it.”

Dreams )