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Crossposting from tumblr, because why not:

Had a dream last night that BONES released a follow-up movie to CoS, and somehow turned the bittersweet ending into an outright depressing one. Al died, I don’t remember what else, but nobody had a good outcome, and fandom lost its collective shit (as you do).

Woke up already plotting fixit fic and really confused. I have no idea why I was dreaming about this.
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I dreamed about fire-breathing ducks last night. They ate a certain kind of leafy green and then could breathe fire. It worked for some people, too. They used it for self-defense and to keep down an invasive species of grass that was taking over the roadways.

IDK, I got up far too early this morning to take my mom to the airport, I'm not going to try to make sense of that. I'm going to have a second cup of tea - my first caffeinated cup - and go take a shower.
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Dear subconscious;

Please no dreams about flesh-devouring monsters tonight. I appreciate that the monsters wouldn't attack the children, but still, something a little less unpleasant would be nice. I'm not asking for flowers and rainbows or anything, just no zombies, no monsters, nothing with a taste for human flesh.

Will be awaiting your reply tonight,
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I dreamt I wanted to show someone the Michiyuki video, and after finally finding the right link (it's always in the place you're not looking) it was ... a completely different video. I had to rewatch it after I woke up just to get the wrongness out of my head.
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(Don't let the icon fool you)

My subconscious seems to be trying to give me AU bunnies. Meaning, I spent all last night dreaming of the FMA cast in AU settings. The university ones were fun. Ed kicked ass in wrestling, took one look at the pool and tried to back away (the dream didn't cooperate), and I really wish I could remember the song he and Al were playing on guitar. (Al was playing bass guitar. I don't know why that was significant, but it was.) Roy was apparently the only one taking academic classes. The dream made no sense, but it was fun!

Yeah, but, the war dream? No. Just - no. I am not killing Al on the battlefield. I don't care how meaningful or emotional or touching. Just - no. Try again.


May. 11th, 2009 03:02 pm
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That's two nights in a row I've dreamed of playing the guitar. I haven't picked up a guitar in, I dunno, must be 10 years now? I do kinda miss it, but I'd never be able to, now. I wasn't all that good at it, anyway, and I can't sing, so it was only ever for my own amusement. There were only a few songs I could really play. But I do miss music. (I kinda miss the piano, too, but a)we don't have one; and b)I wouldn't be able to do that now, either. Or play the flute. I might be able to manage the sax, but I think even that would be pushing it. Not that I was every terribly good at either of those.)
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Okay, so, yesterday I read a news article saying that the courts would be hearing arguments about Prop. 8 next month. Last night - prompted by the article, I suppose - I dreamt I was arguing with someone about how Prop. 8 cut off a huge source of potential revenue and how that was just stupid to do when our economy needs all the help it can get, "Do you realize how much revenue this state has lost by not allowing gay marriage??".

And then today Courage Campaign sent out its "Don't divorce us" video. So help me, I teared up. I know I'm a sap, but still.
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I was writing fic in my sleep last night. Now, this wouldn't be the first time what I'm writing has invaded my dreams (or vice-versa), but I was actually stringing words together to form dialogue and narration. Or trying to, anyway.
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My subconscious is trying to tell me something, clearly.

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