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I've been more or less forgetting about Elfwood for lack of material to put up there. Today I got a comment notification and, of course, it's a troll comment 9_9. The few troll comments I've gotten have all been on Elfwood and only on the two naturalistic pastel portraits. Those seem to offend people's sensibilities or something, I dunno. But the things they pick to rag on amuse me.

And gaaaah I should really clean that gallery out, old art is old XP
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I have this picture on my Elfwood gallery of a werewolf halfway between wolf and human. It's something close to 8 years old now and creaking a bit with age, but the description clearly says that that's what it is.

I just got a comment on it that says: "werebabboon?"

Can I flick someone over the internet?


Dec. 18th, 2008 05:51 pm
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Elfwood rejected my ticket. When I saw that, my first thought was "Oh hell, what did I miss?" because, usually, when that happens it's because I didn't have the search-and-replace set right, and so missed a "fuckin'" or a "shitty" or some such.

But no. When I opened the email, I saw this:

All illustrations must follow these guidelines:
a. The picture must have been drawn by you (please indicate in your story/poem‘s description that all illustrations are drawn by you) OR

b. The picture must have been drawn for you, and you state in your bio who drew the illustration, give a link to the artist(s) ....

Which made me go "Huh?? What illustration?"

Apparently the extranet had decided that the one and only illustration on that account - which has been there for years - was a new file. Naturally the moderator assumed it went with the other new file.

When I explained it, the moderator was really nice and let me put another ticket through right away. So the chapter is up.

The extranet is just screwy 9_9.
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You don't realize just how much swearing is in a piece until you have to edit it out, oy.

I went ahead and submitted Part 11 of Silver to Elfwood, though I'm sure it won't be up for several weeks. I don't really like to submit unbeta'd chapters, but my mom has been busy and I doubt she'll get to it any time soon. But I read over it again and made some changes, though I have yet to upload them to my personal library since my computer lacks an FTP program.

It's amazing what a little distance can do; I no longer think this chapter is awful. Though by now I've probably lost any readers I once had.
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I've noticed that the majority of the flame-level comments I've gotten on my Inuyasha pastel seem to be from anonymous commenters. Not all of them - there's at least one person who was brave enough to be logged in - but still, it amuses me.

I'm also amused by Elfwood's profanity censor. Not amused that there is one, but that they still send the artist the comments as they were written. So in my e-mail I get "what the fuck its freakin ugly as shit!!!!!!!!!" but on the website, it reads as "what the **** its freakin ugly as ****!!!!!!!!!"

(Although I really wish Elfwood would stop changing the background color, especially without telling us - it makes some of my past replies unreadable)


Oct. 4th, 2007 07:30 pm
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I randomly poked my head into my Elfwood library (ahah, I'm procrastinating bad Jenny, you have a paper due), and it looks like there's about two years of comments that EW hasn't sent me o_o. I just assumed I hadn't been getting comments - because, y'know, I don't very often. Get comments.

Dude. This means people have actually been reading my original fiction. And commenting on my art, too. I feel like a total ass for "ignoring" these comments, but how the hell was I supposed to know EW had stopped sending out comment e-mails?? Makes me feel a little guilty for not working on Silver like I promised myself I would. Oh hell, I was feeling guilty about that, anyway...

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