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That art that's ripping off Tu La La is still up - both versions - and I'm pretty sure this is ripped, too. I already reported her once, but the only change I see is a "I do not own Fullmetal Alchemist. This is rights of HiromuArakawa/BonesStudio/VizMedia/SquareEnix/Tulala." squished into the bottom of the description.

Argh. It's probably not worth the effort, but it irritates me.
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Isn't this from a doujinshi? Macajia, I think? I swear that's Macajia, but I want to be able to link to the actual doujinshi image before reporting them.
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Question answered: they accepted Ed/(female)OC. So they don't really care about canon vs. non-canon pairings; they just don't want teh gay. (But they're totally accepting of gays! Just not in art!)

A small part of me kinda wants to stir up some shit about this, but it wouldn't be worth it.
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I went ahead and accepted the invite to join the Resembool Rangers group just for the hell of it. Bu-uut then I went and looked at their rules:
5: We don't accept Male/Male or Female/Female Relationship Art.
We're not discriminating against anyone, please don't take offense. Vic and us Rangers are totally accepting of homosexuals and lesbians, Vic has openly stated this. Evidence here. ^_^

Yeah, okay, I had already guessed it wouldn't be a yaoi-friendly group, but this seems kinda hypocritical. "We're not discriminating, we just don't want it here! We totally accept you, just not your art!" I think I'd be bothered less if they wanted to stick to the canon couples or something. Something tells me I'm going to be filtering them out before long.

And fandom, refresh my memory, but I seem to recall Vic being hostile to yaoi pairings with "his" characters in the past? But he says here that he had NO IDEA where people would get this impression and it MUST be because he's Christian.
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A deviantART Resembool Rangers group just requested my latest picture of Ed and I'm half tempted to be an ass and say no ^^;. But I won't.

(This is, of course, one of my few non-yaoi pieces with Ed. I wonder if they saw the rest of my gallery.)

(Slightly related, but I've noticed that Tumblr seems to like my WiPs better than the finished pieces. I'm not quite sure what to think about that.)

Edit: oh good gracious now I have an invite to join the group. Oh my. I really don't think they want me as much as they think they do.

I'll deal with them tomorrow ^^;

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