Jun. 13th, 2010 09:55 pm
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The bunnies are being coy today (I think I got a half-dozen words written before I just gave up) so I played around with PHP instead. I don't know what I did differently this time, but I got the email notifications working! Someone who really knows PHP would probably look at my code and laugh, but hey, at least it works now. Though I'd love to hear if there's a more elegant solution. To summarize, the portfolio comment system is back up and notifying me properly, and fanworks now lets me know when someone adds an item or a comment. If the portfolio starts getting spammed again I may have to add some sort of captcha system, but for now I'll leave it open.

And speaking of, fanworks needs more comments! My goal is for that to be a big, multi-person rec. list, and for that I need people to add comments!

Haaaaah, hopefully I'll be able to get some writing done during the week. The crazy work schedule isn't very conducive to it.
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Added a date stamp to the comments on the fanworks site. Mostly 'cause I could.

(The idea behind the comments is that it's the kind of thing you would write if you were making a rec list - this way multiple people can rec the same item on the one page.)

Edit: Yah, I have no idea why some of the dates aren't displaying right. I'd work on it, but fatcow is wigging out and won't let me in to the database. I'll look at it tomorrow.

Edit the second: Fixed. Doofus shouldn't code after bedtime.
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I added a complete/in progress tag to the entries on the fanworks site. It really only applies to fiction so there's a "not applicable" option, but if someone wanted to add an in-progress art or AMV I suppose they could ^^.
::Pokes people to add stuff::
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Kinda feel I should say more about some of my recent posts. The last couple weeks have been kinda rough for me, emotionally. No real reason except for the upcoming starts of the semester, and while I do always get down around the end of vacation/start of the semester, it shouldn't be bothering me quite this much. Hell, I almost wish I was PMSing, because at least then I'd know why and I'd also know it was finite. But no, I can't actually blame this on hormones.

Anyway, with regards to fanworks, posting of any kind tends to get tied up with emotions, and posting creative works - either writing or art - often ends up as a huge emotional tangle. Even if I never get a negative comment - and I never have on these boards, they're almost polite to a fault - I still end up worked up to some degree. I simply was not in a good headspace to deal with that the last few weeks - for the last month, really. I should have realized this and held off on posting, but waiting is also something I've never been great at.

But for better or for worse, I did post. I can't take them back now and I'm not sure I would want to, anyway.

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