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So the cosplay I'm working on right now has leg-of-mutton sleeves with pointed cuffs, and...

not exactly NOT work safe, but... )
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And will send it out soon! Binary, I still have your address as long as it hasn't changed.

I'm not going to charge you guys for these because they're basically test pieces. It's the trial to see how the doll sizes work for that software, and without an actual doll here I have no idea how they're actually going to fit! Plus it's to try out the sewing, and there are a number of gaffs, including a mishap with the superglue ^^;. I'll see what the postage is, but I think I'll be able to get them in a standard envelope.
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There's a black hole in our house that eats organza. It eats other fabric, too, but it seems to have a particular liking for organza. We bought a couple lengths of silk organza at Berkeley a few years back, and haven't been able to lay hands on it since. More recently I bought (I'm pretty sure) some polyester organza for the Lust costume I'm (perpetually) working on, and now it's also nowhere to be found. It's not like the polyester stuff is that expensive. The annoying thing about the silk is that Berkeley is the closest place to get it.

I need the organza for the gloves. I've finished the skirt, but I need to get the right bra before I can refit the bodice (it's going to be two pieces - I couldn't find a good strapless dress pattern), so I guess I could say it's a third done. The skirt was the easy part, though. The fabric is - perhaps appropriately - sinfully luxurious but a pain to work with. It sort of has to be teased into submission, but once it's there it's gorgeous. But it means I'm not going to try to finish this on any sort of deadline.

I have a million and one other things to be doing as well, anyway.


Apr. 27th, 2009 05:27 pm
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The jeans that have been sitting on the sewing table since January are finally done \o/. The pattern is almost perfect; I want to add a tiny bit more room in the seat for the next pair, but really, they fit fine. So now the question is, do I start on a)the crop pants I'll probably be wanting as soon as the weather settles down; b)the half-finished silk Ed-shirt; or c)the Lust costume that I really should get back to. I'm leaning toward c. I have this fantasy I'll get it done by Fanime XD. That means I have to re-fit the bodice, though, and probably end up having to add a panel or two. Though I should get the right bra before I do any serious fitting. That fabric is a pain to work with, but then, so is the silk.

It's so nice to have time to sew again.

(Edit: y'know, I really don't mind the ads on LJ, but when they start speaking? That's a little unnerving o_O;;)


Jan. 6th, 2009 02:24 pm
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Does anyone know a good source for jeans rivets? I finally found some at Michael's, but I'm wondering if there's anywhere that has a little more variety. My Google-fu didn't turn up anything terribly useful.
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The coat's been done for a while, some of you have even seen it, I just haven't gotten around to taking pictures of it until now. It was nice out on Sunday, so Mom and I decided to finally take some. Click on the pictures to get a larger size.

lots of images behind the cut! Slow connections beware! )


Jul. 2nd, 2006 09:49 pm
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Mom is finally retired, as of the end of the day Thursday. It doesn't seem like it yet, though, because it's been the weekend. She can't work for a month, and then she'll be going back part-time. She's hoping to get lots of stuff done over this month (we'll see how that goes).

As for me, I'm starting to settle into my now job at the library(ies). I've worked at both the main library and one of the branches now. There's quite a difference between them; the branch is tiny!

For sewing, both the shell and the lining of the frankencoat are done, as is the hood, and I've fused the interfacing onto the facing, so now I just need to put them all together and hem it. I really like how the applique turned out. I was totally fudging my way through it, and it isn't really professional if you look closely, but I think it works.

The local crossstitch/knitting store here has closed/relocated, and they had been having a sale. I found some really nice cotton yarns, and between us Mom and I did $97 worth of damage. But we saved over $160! (... And then Mom went back the next day and bought more. I don't know how much she spent.) I spent the rest of the day Friday after we came home looking through Knitters magazine for patterns. I really want to set up the knitting machine now so I can make some summer sweaters. We just need to find a way to keep the cats off of it.

(I'm really getting tired of this "Bad Unicode Input" error I keep getting when I try to post)
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The paperwork for the background check came today (they sent me a copy), so I think I should be getting a call from the library sometime next week.

Also, Frankencoat is to the point where I can start working on the aplique ^_^ (meaning the back is finished).
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I've gotten the mock-up to fit. We figured out the sleeves were the main problem, and I added about two inches to the girth to make them fit, but fit now they do. Now I need to decide whether or not I want cuffs, and to wash the fabric. I want to find something that'll waterproof the seams, but the only stuff I can find (when I'm not getting funny looks from the store clerks) is heavy duty, will repair rips in tents camping stuff, and frankly that's more than I need. I wouldn't be worrying about it at all except for the applique on the back. I might forget about it anyway, and worry about it if and when it becomes a problem.

2 classes next week, both start at 4:00. How did I end up with two night classes? Why did I do that to myself?
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Production has started on my FMA frankencoatâ„¢. The mock-up is cut out and sewn together. Damn, that thing is long. I knew it would be, the main pattern is for a men's full-length coat, but I somehow didn't expect it to be dragging on the floor. I didn't hem it, though, so I have to mentally subtract an inch and a quarter. I guess it would hit just below my ankles. The hood is also huge, but that I was expecting. The hood is from a ladies' evening wear cloak, and it's supposed to be showy and blousy, not functional. I think I'll take about two or three inches off the hood pattern.

But I'll be damned if this thing isn't too small. I'm using a men's pattern, and I have a small frame, so I traced out the small size. It strains across my shoulders. Maybe I didn't take into account how close fitting the coat is supposed to be. I really don't want to re-trace the pattern, but it doesn't look like I have a choice. The shoulders simply don't fit.

I am determined to have this done before the rainy season ends.

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