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Remember when Amazon thought I needed a little something extra to go with a dimmer switch?
why a dimmer switch tho )
eBay now thinks I need one to go with an ereader:
what are you insinuating eBay )
I think they're trying to tell me something.
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I was searching for old alchemy texts I might be able to rip pictures from, and look what I found:

not exactly work safe )
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So the cosplay I'm working on right now has leg-of-mutton sleeves with pointed cuffs, and...

not exactly NOT work safe, but... )
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Reply to a secret that basically said FMA (or rather, Brotherhood) would have been more interesting without Ed, Al, or Winry:

...This is likely the alcohol in me, but the replies asking "but wouldn't it not be Fullmetal Alchemist then?" are making me imagine, like, a musical spinoff that's only about the military characters now (but still focusing on the alchemy users), so it would just be called "Alchemists!" (jazz hands)

(or it's the punchline to a joke detailing all the terrible or morally ambiguous things they've done in the series. "So what do you call your act?" "The Alchemists!")

Okay, so who now wants to see an "Alchemists!" musical??

This seriously made my night. It hasn't been a good weekend.
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*Watching one of the glowy-blob videos on "NASA's Unexplained Files"*

"Maybe there's some type of amoeba that lives in space."
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I might have more chance of taking the National Organization for Marriage seriously if their acronym didn't make me think of things like this:
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Naaah, I still couldn't take them seriously.

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