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Um... hate to break it to them... but I'm pretty sure all my friends are still alive.

(Seriously though, this is pretty disgusting. Odds are they're going to hit SOMEONE who's just suffered a loss, and most people aren't really thinking too clearly at those times. Which I'm sure is what they're counting on! What an abhorrent way to prey on people.)
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Anyone know what the deal is with this Portugese youtube video spam?
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At least airline tickets are something I could have conceivably possibly bought at some point. This? No so much in the realm of reality.

Yeah, I dunno. They must be grabbing emails at random.
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I just got this today so I thought I'd pass along a heads-up: if you get an email saying "Thank you for buying iTunes Gift Certificate!" from the email address "online.software@itunes.com", telling you to open an attachment to find the certificate code - don't. It's a trojan horse virus. (Details can be found here.)

Spam again!

Jul. 3rd, 2007 02:51 pm
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Most of the spam comments haven't been quite this, um, interesting. I mean, DVD players and new shoes can't quite compair with Islamic law and big tits:

Subject: Fantastick oushun

There is strong support for enhancing the role of Islam in all of the countries polled, through such measures [url=http://_www._squidoo.com/_tits-_sex]Big Tits[/url] as the imposition of sharia (Islamic law). This does not

mean that they want to isolate their societies from outside influences: Most view globalization positively and favor democracy and freedom of religion.

It's gotta be a bot.

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