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Anyone else need a break from politics but feel like they can't because so much shit keeps happening and if you turn your back the world the nation the world is just sort of going to explode?

In other but not unrelated news I think I finally don't have a migraine, which is significant since I've pretty much had one (low grade) since the inauguration. Literally. It started Friday morning, went through Saturday and the March*, kinda eased up Sunday evening, started in on the other side Monday and went through last night. Like. Trump taking office gave me a migraine.

Might see about editing some fic today, though, because I need a break.

*Just a tip, but please do not burn sage or anything else in a crowd, you do not know who among the many around you might have respiratory problems or sensitivities. In this case it was REALLY NOT HELPING THE NAUSIA AND HEADACHE. I appreciate the sentiment but please, just don't.
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If anyone was curious. Copy/pasted from tumblr:
FMA: Ed in overwhelmFMA: Trust

Now that I’ve had a little time to collect myself and I’m not typing on my phone in the parking garage, here’s the deal with the art gallery.  These are the two pictures they put up.  Maybe because they were small; more likely because they’re consistent with each other.

Because that’s what they were looking for; a consistency, or a “brand,” to visually tie an artist’s work into a cohesive unit.  And - hah - if you’ve seen more than one or two pieces of mine, you’ll know my art is anything but.  “Varied” would be a polite way of putting it.  “Scattered and inconsistent” comes to mind.

And I know that.  I know I’m left of center.  I know I’m often to the side of what fandom is looking for or expects.  I know people often don’t know how to take my pieces.  I thought I could play in the sandbox anyway.  But in this case - I can’t.  The fact that I’m an oddball with no consistent style or technique or theme or anything means I’m not what they’re looking for - I’m not welcome.  Right now I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to submit a body of work and be accepted, because I’m just - too abnormal.

That’s the main issue.  The secondary issue is, nothing on the web site indicated that this would be a juried show.  It’s never been juried.  Past years it was show up, ask if there was space available, pay the fee, put your art up.  Two years ago they were doing good that they had a form for you to reserve a panel ahead of time.  We never got any kind of confirmation that it was reserved, we just had to show up and hope they’d gotten all the paperwork together.  So when I failed to get an email this year - I assumed it was the same thing.  But no.  Apparently the fact that I didn’t get an email was my rejection notice.  And nothing on the web site told us that.

The reason for this miscommunication was that the art gallery has changed hands.  Which is good, over all, because previous years really were poorly organized.  The woman running the gallery now is running it like all the other art shows she’s done - juried - and didn’t know we had never been juried.  Didn’t know that not getting a confirmation email was par for the course.  Assumed that we would assume that no email meant not accepted.

So yeah, today was not a good day.  Started with the zipper on my dress completely failing, and moved on to this.

Pretty sure this means I’ll never see hide nor hair of the piece that supposedly sold three years ago.

Picking up the two pieces today, I got the I-hope-you-submit-next-year line, which I know is supposed to be encouraging - but that's the problem. that's the kind of thing you say to be nice. I told her that what I submitted this year was pretty typical, so if they're looking for some sort of artist's brand or cohesive body of work... well... She told me they're judging it on a case-by-case basis, but if what I submitted this year wasn't cohesive enough, I don't see next year being much different. I'm not even sure I want to try.

Right now it's really kinda killed my desire to do any kind of finished art. Why even bother.
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I had to usher one of my fur-babies off with Bast yesterday... Khaibit's health hadn't been good for several weeks, but we couldn't tell if it was something treatable or not. He would seem to get better, and then slip back. Well, the last couple days made it clear that this was a downward slide, and we made the decision to let him go peacefully.

I don't think I can express how much this cat meant to me. He's been my furry little toddler, my little brat, for 16 years now. At 16-17 years old, we knew he would likely be going soon, but it's always too soon.

Between this and getting really for Christmas, it's been pretty stressful around here, and I've let a lot of things slide. Now I'm stuck in a bit of a "now what?" place now that two major things have been lifted... there's still so much to do, and right now part of me really, really wants to say "fuck Christmas" because it's nothing but a bunch of stress.

I dunno. Maybe things'll get better after New Year's.
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Had the appointment with the acupuncturist this morning. Even just talking to a health practitioner who is focused on finding the root of the problem and solving it instead of here have a pill for your symptoms was refreshing. I like this guy, though; he seems to know his stuff and looks into a lot of different avenues for treatment. Like he suggested getting my iodine levels tested and supplementing with iodine for PCOS - he's know people who've 'cured' (gotten rid of all their symptoms, I'm guessing) PCOS after correcting their iodine levels.

He used kinesthesiology to test for allergies - kinesthesiology is one of those things that seems like it shouldn't work, but does. I've used it before (for non-health related things) and seen it used with other people so I had no problem accepting it for this. I tested sensitive for dairy, specifically casein - no surprise there. I also tested sensitive to weed, grass, and tree pollens - a bit harder to eliminate. And also for - B vitamins.

Yeah, kinda hard to eliminate those. Especially since you, y'know, kinda need them. There's a way to treat the sensitivity, though, but it means avoiding the thing you're sensitive to for like 25-30 hours. That's going to mean eating really, really bland food for about a day and a half. Just about the only things on the list of "foods you can eat" that I could actually eat were cauliflower and "well-cooked or deep-fried fish" (though I thought fish had B-vitamins - maybe the cooking destroys it?). I really, really don't like being that picky, but if I have a serving of white rice of pasta now, especially without any protein or fat, I'm going to get a headache and probably a stomach ache.

I do want to do the treatment, though, because I'm ready to be done with these goddamn migraines, and maybe if I treat the B-vitamin and pollen sensitivities I don't have to be quite so vigilant about milk.

I did get an acupuncture treatment, too, a general one for headaches. Except for a small poke/pinch when the needle goes in it really doesn't hurt, but it feels kinda ... weird. Like I felt like I had a blanket over my legs and feet. And with a couple of the needles it was like "Oh! A nerve!" going in, but not in a painful way. But then you have to lie there and not move for a half-hour or so.

On food

Jun. 20th, 2014 12:10 pm
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Sometime in mid-May I cut out all dairy protein, as well as peanuts and (most) soy, on the theory that these proteins were stressing my immune system and a stressed immune system was the ultimate cause my my allergies. Since then, I've had two migraines, but they've been the wimpiest migraines ever to migraine (they still leave me drained and grumpy, though). I'm considering this a good sign, and hopefully things'll improve more the longer I'm away from these foods.

This does mean, however, that between this and eating low-carb, I've gone from making 75% of what I eat, to having to make 90-95% of everything I eat. Pretty much every commercial protein bar I've found uses whey protein, and often also soy and peanuts. Every brand of jerky I've looked at has some form of sugar in it. It's pretty much impossible to find a grab-and-go or microwave meal that doesn't use flour, cheese or cream, or large amounts of starch. This isn't even touching sugar alcohols, which I can eat in small quantities, which are also often used in anything labeled "low-carb".

I've come to like most of the home-made stuff better, anyway, but the thing is, it just takes time. And it means planning ahead, which, hi, ADHD. It's worth it if I can get rid of the allergies, but I have enough problems already with allocating my time. I'm not sure how I'm going to handle this once I do get a job.

But right now I have to go finish making some egg protein cookies.
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Ohai internets, long time no see.

Well, the job has concluded. Or at least I assume it has, since when I got there Sunday morning there were maybe 3 other cars in the lot and no one in the building. The two people I talked to also worked for Manpower (there were four staffing agencies) and hadn't worked Friday or Saturday, so our best guess? The project concluded one of those two days and Manpower friggin' forgot to tell us. I would've liked to know this before driving all the way out there, but at least it wasn't weekday traffic. The rest of the day felt like a bonus day after that, so whatever.

Still would've liked to know beforehand.

The job was terribly mind-numbing and boring, just verifying tax information (for the love of god, people, make your checks legible). At times I was reading the numbers to myself in Spanish to keep myself awake; otherwise I was zoning out like crazy. But it's done now (apparently), and I can go back to looking for something more permanent.

I have a lot to catch up on around the house and elsewhere, so I still don't know when I'll have time to catch up online. But I should be around more, at least.
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I'm on the second day of training, so I think I can consider this a real job at this point ^^;. I've got some temp work for the month of April, so I'm probably going to be kinda scarce. It's nothing exciting, just data entry/data verification, but it's something. For the time being, anyway.
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Last-minute garage sale this weekend kind of plowed over everything else ^^;. My neighbor was having a sale and asked if we wanted to tack on some items. There's a lot we want to get rid of, so emphatically yes, but that meant locating the items and cleaning them up, and of course, the actual sale on Friday and Saturday.

We got rained out halfway through the day yesterday, but still, not too bad. The larger items that didn't sell will probably go on ebay or Craig's List, the smaller ones to the thrift shop. But we kind of wore ourselves out.
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I live out in California, but in the northern half and toward the interior, so winter is a thing that happens. And by that I mean we have a few pieces of clothing that get put away for roughly half the year. The last couple years, though, I haven't had to put on more than a sweater and a fleece jacket most days. So then when we get hit with stuff like this?

We, um, kinda aren't equipped to deal with it.

It's not unknown around here. We've got all the freeze warning stuff down like pipes-and-plants-and-pets etc. And I realize those of you who get an actual winter with ice and snow and all are probably rolling your eyes at us wimps, but - yeah, that's kinda the point, we are winter wimps. Like, unless you're someone who habitually travels up to gold country in the winter, you probably don't own more than one or two actual winter tops, and nothing warmer than a pair of jeans, which, um, isn't that warm. I don't think I own any sweaters that are actually wool, and I'm not even sure where I could get one outside of a sports store. I own gloves, but again, they're the wimpy oh-it's-50-degrees-and-kinda-windy, I-don't-want-to-touch-the-steering-wheel kind of gloves.

Our house isn't that well insulated, either, so the heating bill is going to be fun.

But actually? This is more like what I remember from when I was a kid. I remember having to wear a down jacket and walking to school with frost on the ground. This is still extreme for this area, but I'm also kinda going - oh yeah, winter. It's a thing.
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In brief, power is restored. Turns out one phase had been knocked out by the wind, so it was the two circuits on the other phase that still had power. PG&E finally came out this afternoon and got it fixed.

I actually have hours at the library tomorrow, so I'll start catching up Monday. But very glad not to be going to bed by candlelight.
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Basically, the overhead fixtures and 2 walls of the living room are all that have power. We've run a heavy duty extension cord from the living room to the family room to plug in the modem, and brought the laptop into the living room to plug it in. But this is very much less than ideal and I have to turn the laptop over to Mom in a bit. I'll have to read all the wonderful Oct.4 fics later ^^;

We will hopefully have someone by today to tell us what's going on and if it can be fixed.
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We went to the Asian Art Museum yesterday, which is always and all-day affair and usually exhausting. But we wanted to see the Cyrus Cylinder while it was here. It's a fascinating exhibit, both historically and artistically.

But also there was Japanese Art from the Larry Ellison Collection, and it got me thinking about wall scrolls. More specifically how many of them are painted on silk.

Now you can't really just paint right onto plain silk because it will bleed. Silk painting usually uses a resist of some kind but the wall scrolls don't look like they use that. I would assume the silk is treated in some way - like the way linen or cotton canvases are treated and gessoed - but my Google-fu is not turning up what I want to know. You can get silk already prepared for painting, but I can't find anything that says what is traditionally used. Or even not traditionally, I'd settle for a modern equivalent.

And then I found this artist who paints freehand on silk with sumi ink. But all it says is that she uses a fixing solution in the ink to make the garment washable.

And I'm sitting here going "What fixing solution? What do you use?? How do you prepare the fabric??? AAAAAAAAHH!!" But my Googling has turned up even less on this than on silk wall scrolls.

But goddamit I wanna know how she does that!!

(Also still want to know how wall scrolls are made.)
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Today was the annual Antique and Craft Fair up in Walnut Creek. I'd been contacted through Etsy about this and had decided why not, I'll give it a go. Well.... I don't think I'll be going back. Mainly because I didn't sell ANYTHING. Technically I sold one item, but it was a Red Cross donation item.
(Plus, I'm pretty sure we were being messed with. Metaphysically.)

Okay, the day started out way, waaaaay too early, and we stumbled out and drove the hour up to Walnut Creek, on the way skirting by a guy in an over-packed SUV who was falling asleep at the wheel. It was thankfully not as hot today as it was yesterday, though it was plenty uncomfortable in the sun. But it was WINDY. And we discovered that my displays have some pretty big issues with wind. But we got it up and mostly secured, aside from one big topple of a display that was mostly bags and other soft items.

The wind backed off about mid-morning, but the whole day it was ... messing with us. Die down and then gust up. Gust in from one side and then come back in the other. Flip the table covering over the first few earring stands (these little dancer stands). Ripple the covering so that a little cascade of the stands fell, usually in such a way that the earrings looped around each other (and the stands) and had to be untangled. I started joking that Loki or some other trickster god was hanging around.

And then we get to the end of the day. The fair was officially over at 4:00, but other tables were starting to pack up as early as 2:00 or so. We'd had such little traffic that we were talking about leaving early as well, but I wanted to wait until 3:00 in case of last-minute shoppers. So it went something like this:

"You could probably start packing up."
"I want to wait until at least 3:00."
"You could at least get those earrings that keep blowing over."
"Yeah okay."
I put them on their storage tray, a mesh document stand, but keep it on the table.
Bit later:
"Let's start taking it down."
"It's not 3:00 yet, it's only 10-till."
EVERYTHING on that table - including the items that hadn't been having problems - blew onto the ground.
".. okay, I guess we're doing it now."
That was the heralding of the wind coming back full strength and giving us hell the whole time we were packing up. Like I said, it was messing with us. Add to that the one and possibly two bees that got trapped in our bins...

Well, it was entertaining. But like I said, I don't think I'll be going back.
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Mother's Day starting with the dishwasher short-circuiting rather spectacularly, but ended with my brother and sis-in-law coming down for dinner, which was nice. I learned that my brother is apparently some kind of grinning freak-of-nature ninja, which is terribly amusing. I have this mental image now of him grinning like the Joker as he goes after someone with a wooden knife (he has apparently done just this). It's always the quiet ones.

Otherwise.... things have been a bit up and down, but starting to come back up. Though I could have done without the exploding dishwasher. I'm sad I missed the chat; hopefully next week :( (and last week was Beltane, so I was in Alameda all evening).


Feb. 4th, 2013 01:21 pm
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A skeleton found beneath a Leicester car park has been confirmed as that of English king Richard III.

Which I'm finding fascinating and exciting for all sorts of reasons. But then....

....I realized that the friend who would've been most excited about this died some years ago, after her life had pretty much bottomed out.

So now I'm all excited/fascinated/melancholy.
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As we were cleaning up from lunch I heard a short siren, and a moment later an SUV pulled over across the street followed by a police car. The SUV had plastic taped up in place of the back window, so I figured that's why he was being pulled over. Except.... the officer didn't approach the SUV. And then another police car drove up. And then two more. At one point we had SIX police cars parked across the street. The officers were standing behind the open doors, guns drawn and shouting at the occupants of the SUV.

Of course we were being nosy neighbors.

There wasn't much to see, ultimately. Two 20-ish guys got out of the SUV, were searched for weapons, handcuffed, and placed in the back of the squad cars. The kid who'd been the passenger was eventually released after much talking with the cops, and he walked off presumably to catch a ride somewhere. The driver stayed in custody.

NO IDEA what was going on. This kind of thing usually doesn't happen around here.


Dec. 28th, 2012 03:32 pm
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I think I can stop running now. Maybe. I still have a load of stuff to catch up on online but at least now I have time to sit at the computer. Sometimes.

Christmas went well, but it was a bit of a marathon. Stephanie only got the one day off, so they drove down, visited, presents, drove over to Dad's, visited presents, they drove back. But still, it wasn't bad. And we headed off the imminent plumbing disasters.

I'm going to be working on blocking out my time better so that I get more of the things done that I want to get done - like writing. I don't know if I've even opened Scrivener this December, and that's sad.
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So the deck is out. One minor hiccup of a burst pipe, but the deck is out. Why was there a pipe under the deck? Because the guy who put it in was an idiot. He was really big on do-it-yourself, but not so big on doing things to code or even common sense. Take the deck itself: ordinary wood, not weather-proofed, and painted - not stained, not sealed, painted. No wonder it was falling apart and rotted. So finding base metal pipe laid on the bare dirt wasn't really a surprise, and having it burst at a spot that was rusted through was just par for the course. There's shit like that all over the house: outlets nailed right to the drywall, extension cords run over bare insulation, wiring tied to joists with string, etc. Any work we do on the house inevitably leads to several rounds of face-palming. BUT the deck and the aviary are now gone, thanks to my brother's hard work, and we avoided a flood thanks to some quick thinking and a little ingenuity. now we can concentrait on getting the presents finished up and mailed and cleaning the house.
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I basically lost the last two days to being sick. Some sort of stomach bug - only threw up once, but everything I ate or drank was questionable, and as a result I hardly ate anything at all. It seems to be over - finally - today, which means it's time for Epic Catch-Up. When you can't be vertical for more than 5-10 minutes at a time, not much gets done :/.
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I am so done with this week -_-

I hope everyone is well, especially those of you on the east coast. Just the bits and pieces I've heard sound horrible :(

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