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::keels over::

(Haven't written any fiction since early March, I'm dyin' here. And we won't even mention the sewing projects that have gone on hold)
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SJSU just sent out an email about a "Graduation Tour of Europe". Sorry, as much as I would love to tour Europe, I just don't have $4,000 lying around - I've been spending it all on tuition. :P

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My adviser said my ePortfolio site loads fine in Firefox, but not in IE, but she didn't say what didn't display right. As far as I can tell, the only difference is the fixed vs. scrolling navigation box on the left, which I'm totally not concerned about. Can anyone tell me if anything else is loading strangely?

I wrote...

Jan. 21st, 2009 10:02 pm
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... 230 words of fiction today.

Which was pretty damn good, considering I spent most of the day futzing around with the e-portfolio and wondering where my old assignments went. I didn't consciously delete anything - and yet I seem to be missing papers from my first semester.

I'm also irritated at my past self and her it-made-sense-at-the-time organization :P.

I also forgot to go get cat food today, so our cat with the skin allergy is eating the non-hypoallergenic food, which isn't great.

Bed. Tomorrow, dentist, vet, and more e-portfolio.


Jan. 20th, 2009 09:08 pm
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Trying not to work up into a panic over the e-portfolio. I've never done some of these competencies! Why don't they tell you start that you need to be looking at these?? Oh, yeah; because we're "grad students." I don't care they should still give people a heads up! **flail**

I have ... 12 weeks, roughly. 14 competencies, plus and introduction and a conclusion. So that's basically 16 (admittedly minor) essays. Plus whatever evidences I need to create to make up for what wasn't covered in my classes. In 12 weeks.

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My attention span has been shot to hell all day. I wish I knew why; it's really annoying. I'm supposed to write a paper that compares and contrasts the opposing issues presented in two different articles - only, I've just read through the articles and have no idea what the issues are! At least the paper isn't due until next week.


Nov. 29th, 2007 04:36 pm
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One of the things that's missing in online classes is the ability to go "is it me, or is this class really opaque?" It just doesn't work the same on message boards. Neither do group discussions. In fact, most mandatory message board discussions are really lame. There also isn't the same kind of opportunity to realize the way you've been interpreting an assignment is completely different from the way everyone else has been interpreting it.

I want my classroom.
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Paintings are framed and mounted. Except for the two on paper. I still need to decide what to do about those. The problem is I should frame them larger than the paper, and it doesn't look like I'll be able to get a good standard size for that, and custom frames = expensive. I've already spent well over $100 for frames as it is.

Lesson learned: as much of a pain painting around the edges of a canvas can be, it is a whole lot less of a hassle - and much less expensive! - then framing. This doesn't help with the works on paper, though. I'm kinda stuck with framing those.

I've still got to price the damn things. And make title cards. And get S-hooks. And, y'know, do my schoolwork somewhere in there. That's a whole 'nother rant I really don't feel like getting into right now.
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Long paragraphs and small type do not comprehension facilitate. Especially when it's written in a very scholarly voice with unfamiliar words, and - I suspect - translated from French. And include a diagram that was more confusing than the text.


(the words... they swirl...)
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I'm having to face the fact - not for the first time - that I pretty much slept through most of my undergrad. Not literally (I don't have [livejournal.com profile] shawk's talent), but I may as well have for all I paid attention. I daydreamed through most of my classes, neglected my readings (I sometimes wondered why I bothered to buy the books), did most of my essays and papers at the last minute, and somehow still managed to graduate cum laud(? which I never did learn to spell). Whatever I did learn was mostly through osmosis. Oh, I didn't breeze through any of my classes (except for maybe stats and math 100), I sleepwalked through them, which meant I had an overload of "OMG I don't remember any of this I'll never pass the final!!" stress at the end of each semester.

The thing is, this just doesn't work in grad school. At least not in these classes. Osmosis learning especially doesn't work in online classes. Oh, I miss, I miss, I miss attending lectures. But I don't want to relocated to San Jose and driving down every week is simply not an option. Not to mention that many of the classes are only offered online or hybrid.

If I don't do the readings I'm fucked. I can't make up for it by paying attention (hah) to the class discussion, because there isn't one. But most of the assigned readings make my head spin. I read through it and have no clue by the end what the author was talking about. And then I'm supposed to "critically review" said readings on the discussion board. For credit. So even if I do the readings, I'm fucked.

Even if I do have something akin to a clue after I'm through with the readings, when I sit down to write the review the words just swirl up there and won't come down into any sort of discernible pattern. And they're words like "findability" and "aboutness" and "subjective relevance" and "arithmatic relevance" which you just don't find out in the real world. They're pretty words (I particularly like "aboutness"), but that doesn't mean they swirl any less. They swirl and float and when I try to grab at them they just part and lose whatever protopattern they might have started to make. It's like trying to grab water.

Add to this the fact that online classes means a whole heck of a lot of scheduling and self motivation, both of which I *cough* suck at mightily. ADDers have a notoriously poor sense of time. Everything either must be done NOWRIGHTNOW!! or eh, later (when I get to it). Concepts such as "next week" "next three days" and sometimes "tomorrow" may as well be meaningless, and anything later than "next month" pretty much means "never". That is, until it becomes NOWRIGHTNOW!! and we have a stress attack because we didn't plan ahead. (Plan? What? -Oh, pretty leaves...)

I didn't sleep though my undergrad because I necessarily wanted to. That's just what I always fell into. I'm still tripping and falling into it. But I can't. Which pretty much means I'm fucked.

((Y'know I never used to swear this much before I started writing certain characters. No, not just Ed, he's just the latest.))
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I am alive, honest. I've been all but ignoring LJ lately, and I feel bad about that, because stuff is happening and I don't know about it until much later, and I haven't actually been interacting with anyone (and a little voice is going "and that's different, how?" Yeah, okay, I know tend to be asocial and reclusive, that's not the point :p). School is into final projects (semester is over on the 19th!), and work has ... well, life has kinda dumped on some other people, not necessarily in bad ways, but still, their work shifts get dumped on me. I was going to use today and tomorrow to catch up on things, but I ended up having to work 6-7 hours both days, and had a few shifts later in the week extended.

At this point it doesn't look like I'll be able to catch up on my so-called social live until next week.

Wind down

Dec. 12th, 2006 12:08 pm
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Turned in my last major assignment on Saturday. Sunday I excavated the far side of my closet (it's like the far side of the moon; mankind can't see it without special equipment and a lot of determination). Yesterday I finished up a sewing project and started another one, and made two appointments that have been on my list of things to do for ... I won't say how long :P. Point is they're made now and later today I see my new psychiatrist (they keep changing on me - gotta love Kaiser) to talk about possibly changing my meds. Because, y'know, being able to concentrate would be nice. Friday I see about getting new glasses and I hate hate the optometry department's automated phone system. It makes you say your choice. You can't push buttons. You have to say "first one," "second one," or "neither," or whatever their options are. And then the nice recorded lady comes back with "I'm sorry, I didn't understand that. Please say 'first one,' 'second one,' or 'neither'." And then a cheerful "Got it!" which really grated on me for some reason.

Anyway, as you can see, I've got this pent up "gotta get things done!!" energy right now. I haven't been able to relax enough to catch up on LJ. Soon, I hope. And I haven't even gotten started with Christmas shopping and cleaning house for that yet.
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My final website for class is up, if anyone's curious. Last session for that class is tonight, and then my final project for my other class is due the 10th.
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I'm going to be semi-exiled from LJ for a while (until the end of the semester, probably). I'll be checking in two, maybe three times a week, as opposed to several times a day like I usually do. See, time management and I are on nodding terms only, and when I allow myself onto something like LJ, or message boards, I don't leave. Which eats up the time I should be doing my school work. This semester I have the added joy of a part time job, too. Anyway, I've been doing fairly well this semester, and I'd like to keep it that way - so, LJ banishment. The only thing I'm going to be keeping up with is e-mail.
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I woke myself up the other night by biting my tongue. I have no idea why. I just woke up in pain and realized my front molars were clamped into the sides of my tongue.

I'm going to get back to work now. I have a couple major things due next week. (Like, a final.)
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If my room had better lighting I'd consider closing my shade. I'm really getting distracted by looking out the window (yeah yeah, what else is new). It's so wonderfully grey and windy. I love it when the sky is all textured like this.

But I really need to be working on my schoolwork; and aside from that, I need to go out and do some job hunting. Staring out the window is getting neither of these done.

It's so pretty, though...
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::yawn:: Staring at the computer and listening to someone talk about Dialog for two hours has made me sleepy. Not that it wasn't interesting - as much as a search program can be interesting - it was just ... long. I think I need to go eat some dinner.

My teacher last night provided green tea. That earned him about 10 points in my book.

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