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I don't know if anyone has taken time to read LJ's new ToS (I haven't), but there's a breakdown of some of the relevant parts over on tumblr. Particularly this:

So if I'm understanding this right - and it's entirely possible that I'm not since my attention span is shit for legalese
  1. our journals are now under Russian law

  2. ALL pornography violates that law

  3. "obscene language" violates that law

  4. anything containing politics they don't like could be deemed "extremist materials" and will be violating that law

It's very likely fanfic and fanart - especially gay fanfic and fanart - is now against LJ's ToS.

I honestly don't know what to do about this. All of my stuff is backed up on DW so I'm not worried about losing the journal itself. But DW is even more of a social deadzone than LJ is now.
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You've probably all seen this already, but I wanted to add that if you want to back up your journal just in case, Dreamwidth lets you import all your entries WITH the comments AND your entire friends list. Account creation is still free and they make importing easy.
Originally posted by angstytimelord at Livejournal has IP blocked me for posting slash fic.
I've apparently been IP blocked, I'm only able to post now via a proxy server.

Livejournal is apparently "cracking down" on anyone who posts slash fic on this site, so BEWARE! I've been blocked from accessing the site, posting, ANYTHING. Simply because there is "gay content" in my journal.

If you post anything slashy, please spread the word & let others know that the Russian homophobia has spread to LJ. It's sad & pathetic, but that's apparently the case.

C/P from a separate entry:

Please spread this message to your friends list, your non-LJ contacts
who might be thinking of coming here, everyone you know. Hell, tell
your next-door neighbor & your dog. LIVEJOURNAL IS IP BLOCKING

For the last few months, I've had trouble logging into my journal. I
worked around it with prozies, but apparently even that is at the
point of barely working any more. I have been blocked from access to
my friends page, inbox, communities, everything. I've sent numerous
reports to the so-called "support" team -- & gotten nothing but

As of last night around 7 pm Eastern time, I was completely cut off
from LJ access. I've been informed (albeit rather politely, I'll grant
you that) of my journal's "gay content" being "investigated."

This is heinous, repulsive, & reprehensible in every way. I have done
NOTHING WRONG to cause me to be IP blocked. My fanfiction does not
harm anyone -- no one is forced to read it who doesn't want to. Yet
apparently the "Russian overlords" consider any kind of gay content in
a journal to be grounds for "investigation."


I think most of us knew this day was coming, but it still sucks in ways I cannot even begin to articulate. If you have any amount of gay content on your LJ, whether it's one fic or one thousand, please take steps to back-up your content if you have yet to do so, be it through Dreamwidth or Ao3 (I have a couple of invites if anyone needs one) or wherever best suits your needs.
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Anyone know what the deal is with this Portugese youtube video spam?
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Uummmm... Since LJ seems to be down for me and me alone, I'm guessing this cross-post will work. I've been getting "cannot access/not available" errors since yesterday. The rest of the internet is fine, so it's not my connection. But this means my f'list is now a big black hole, so - I hope I haven't missed anything important? I'll try to catch up once LJ decides to acknowledge my existence?

Anyone know what the deal is? I can't find any info on either LJ's Facebook or Twitter feeds.

Edit: it JUST came back up. Gaaah. I still don't know why my IP seemed to be on a blacklist but at least I can access the site now.
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I dropped [livejournal.com profile] impishclawmarks down to basic and now the entry view is friggin' ugly... oops. Their little chart of features tells you you'll have fewer icons and no scrapbook, but doesn't mention that the entry/comment view will be not your journal style but the lj default and only the lj default.

Don't want to give them the advertising money, though.
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If I disabled the comments here, would you follow the link back to the DW post?

The short of it is, I don't like LJ's management and I don't trust LJ's management, and I'd much rather stay on DW. But I don't want to cut myself off from any of you. So, would you bother to take that extra click over to the other blog?
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Somewhat appropriately on the heels of my last post (not planned, I swear), Dreamwidth's community importer is now open, meaning communities can now be imported whether the maintainer has a paid account or not.

Account creation is still open as well.
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LiveJournal's quandry is simple. LiveJournal is Russia's most popular blogging platform and plays a key role in the country's Internet ecosphere. LiveJournal has a staggering 1.2 million users in Singapore who primarily use the site for “blogshops”--a local hybrid of blogs and Etsy.com-style e-commerce. However, LiveJournal's American market share has massively declined in the past five years. Six Apart and SUP were simply unable to compete in the post-MySpace era. There was talk in 2011 of Yahoo purchasing SUP; however, Yahoo's current troubles make that transaction seem quite unlikely.
However, longtime LiveJournal users are upset by the changes. LiveJournal recently unveiled a complete redesign that overhauled the service's comments system, emphasized social networking, and set the stage for the upcoming communities blitz. Reaction from longtime users has been overwhelmingly negative--LiveJournal patrons slammed the redesign on the service's official blog.
LiveJournal's leadership has made it clear that their future American business strategy lies in generating new traffic rather than catering to the service's current small-but-loyal membership. The challenge for Petrochenko and other executives at LiveJournal will be redefining the brand's identity in a crowded media marketplace.

from here

Gee LJ, maybe if you stopped sucking and actually paid attention to you user base (y'know, that "small-but-loyal membership"?) your American market share wouldn't have fallen so much.

But I don't think you really care.

Edit: this commet cracked me up: "OIC. They want to make it more "community based". By getting rid of subject lines, which were vital to a huge number of communities. Good luck with that, LJ."

That's about the sum of it.


Jan. 14th, 2012 10:59 am
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I debated this, but the only Plus features I really use are the userpics and the scrapbook. Since I can host images elsewhere and the userpics alone aren't worth giving LJ the advertising revenue, I've downgraded this journal to Basic.

Come join me at Dreamwidth?
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Sorry to those who get this more than once, I'm posting to both my personal and my fanworks journal.

Okay, Livejournal's newest upgrade mostly sucks. If that's all this was, people would complain, issues would get fixed or we'd adjust, life goes on. But the site admin, particularly [livejournal.com profile] igrick, the head of LJ Russia, have been dismissive and condescending. They ignored the negative feedback on the beta and pushed the upgrade through anyway. Specific complaints were brushed off, or even called "spam." I'm willing to believe that the automatic payment settings being switched on was a glitch, but when users complained about it the manager of LJ's support group accused them of lying.

On top of this recent fiasco, LJ staffers have been known to abuse their power for years.

What am I getting from all this? That they don't care about us, the users. They don't care about how we use the site, what features we use or don't use. They don't care about providing the best site for us or even about preserving the site we've been using for years. They don't care about treating us fairly, or listening to our concerns. Those who post in LJ news and updates are making the right noises, but what's coming down from admin paints a completely different picture.

Both of these journals - [livejournal.com profile] dragonimp and [livejournal.com profile] impishclawmarks - have been being mirrored over on Dreamwidth, [personal profile] dragonimp, and I would really, really like it if activity moved over there. Account creation - I believe - is open until the 1st, and they make importing your journal from LJ really easy. The community importer should be up in the next few weeks. You can also comment with open ID. I'll still crosspost to LJ for the time being, but I'm considering dropping these accounts down to basic.

Bottom line, I don't trust LJ not to screw us over and I would rather be there as little as possible.
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[livejournal.com profile] rollback88

There's a poll there where you can lodge all your complaints/problems with the "upgrade." It may come to nothing, but it at least gives us some numbers.

Edit: Outlining the reasons LJ (and its head) now sucks (and why you might want to consider moving)
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Wow LJ, are you actually trying to alienate people?

Edit: Some have already been hit by the fallout of removing comment subject lines. Brilliant, LJ.
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....I go away for the morning and LJ goes down. Anyone over here?

Edit: oddly enough, [livejournal.com profile] steelandsparks seems to still be up, while everything else is down. Go fig.

Edit the second: Looks like LJ is back up, but not reliably.
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LJ apparently thinks no one should read comments, only leave comments.

Mirror site

Apr. 6th, 2011 10:05 am
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For the record, my Dreamwidth journal ([personal profile] dragonimp) is still up during LJ's DDoS attacks. It mirrors both [livejournal.com profile] dragonimp and [livejournal.com profile] impishclawmarks.


Mar. 15th, 2011 11:49 pm
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I know the Novel Conundrum style was having some issues recently, but so far I hadn't seen any problems on [livejournal.com profile] impishclawmarks so I left it. But uuuhhh... this is what I found this evening....

But only on Safari. It shows up fine on Firefox, I haven't been able to check IE or Chrome.

I guess I'll wait to see if it sorts itself out? I really like that style :(.

The user name almost looks like it's trying to speak Elvish or something...

Addendum: Oh gracious, it's wreaking havoc with my italics, too o_o;;. Though oddly enough, the characters come through fine if you copy/paste them.
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Looks like good old El Jay is playing fast and loose with the comment notifications (again).
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Captcha didn't work. Anonymous comments now disabled. Argh.


Feb. 18th, 2011 11:00 pm
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Anyone else been getting the anonymous comment spam lately? It's not a lot, but it's annoying. I've set anonymous comments to have a Captcha, and hopefully that'll deter them; I don't really want to disable anonymous commenting, but I don't really care to hear about Indian London escort girls or the like.
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Where the hell did this "pingback bot" come from? I guess it's a good way to find out if someone links your post, but I really don't need it to tell me when I pimp my own work to the comms.

(I suppose I should pay attention to LJ's news posts once in a while c_c)

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