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(Real post sometime later when I'm not running to catch the balloons. Maybe.)
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I just need to attach the mounting hardware to the painting, and then I'm essentially ready for the Art Walk! And it's Monday! There's other stuff I could do, but nothing else that needs to be done. Which makes me a lot freer to attend the virtual conference. All the conference material can be viewed after the fact (it's a conference for ADDers, they know what to expect) but I'd still like to attend a few of the sessions live.

But it also hopefully means I can get other stuff done this week - y'know, like housework.

And maybe some writing.
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my mind doesn’t wander. At night, using the distracting cover of dreams, my mind makes plans and plots quietly in secret. Then, sometime during the day when my guard is down, and when it can do the most damage, my mind breaks out of prison and flies into the high grass laughing like mad, the blood hounds braying in pursuit far behind.

(From here)

I love that description. I want a little cartoon of a mind making a break for it.


Jun. 18th, 2009 05:09 pm
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From ADDitude Magazine
Sarah, an adult with attention deficit disorder (ADD ADHD), like many clients I work with, feels that socializing is anything but fun.

“It’s work,” she says. “And hard work at that!” Sarah dreads many of the parties, family dinners, and business functions during the summer and the holidays.

“I never know what to say, especially with people I don’t know that well,” she adds. “Any way you look at it, I’m in trouble when I go to a party.”

Sarah jumps from topic to topic in a conversation, and doesn’t listen effectively to the person she’s talking with. I worked with her to develop strategies that would make her feel comfortable the next time she heads out.

Y'know, it's gratifying to know it's not just me.

On a completely different topic, I haven't seen eps. 10 or 11 of Brotherhood yet :P. I was waiting for Funimation to watch 10, and that was right when they went down (for the second time). I can't get torrents to play so Eclipse's fansubs are useless to me.

But! There was tyco drumming last night at the library. They were such a treat to listen to. I got to watch them out the back door while minding the desk. We did have one neighbor complaining about the noise and threatening to call the police if they didn't "keep it down." Um, sorry? The drums kinda only have one volume, and it's well before curfew. The police really aren't going to do anything -_-;;. But everyone else thought it was great.

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