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Not dead tired, but tired enough, so in brief. We kinda spent most of the con a)wondering where everyone was; and b)feeling old and out of touch because who are these characters and where are these costumes/merch from?? This was tiny compared to the last two times I was at y-con, and I can't help but think the move to SoCal and back really hurt them. To give you some indication, Dealers' Room and Artists' Alley were in the same (not especially large) room (who does that??), and we saw it kinda crowded maybe ... once? And they sold out their hotel block, so either it was a really small block, or people were ... elsewhere? Had abandoned the con? But still, we had fun just hanging and doing the small amount of people-watching we could manage (the space was really not conducive to it). I hope they manage to pick it back up somehow in the future, because as a con, this was ... kinda disappointing.

Yaoi Con

Aug. 7th, 2014 11:30 am
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HOLY SHIT yaoi con is early this year. I thought it was still going to be late October again so I thought I had some time. But according to the website pre-reg is over and the hotel block is already sold out. Yikes.

So, uh ... who's planning to go? IS anyone planning to go? Any hotel plans yet? I need to figure out if this is something I can afford.

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(Wow, thinking ahead ^^;)

Y-con charges $6 per piece, so I was thinking of submitting 4-5. These are the pieces I submitted to Fanime, so they're already matted, and I was thinking of the base picture for the Holiday Card as well. So, which do you think?
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Looks like I might be on my own for a hotel room at ycon. I was hoping to split the cost.... I don't want to wait much longer, though, or there might not be a room available.

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