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It struck me last night that they'd talked to a couple cops a few chapters back. It wouldn't be too random to bring them back in .. .I think.

Any thoughts or ideas would be much appreciated, I'm still kinda floundering here. Though I suspect most people didn't follow my babbling. I know NaNo and other things are rather pressing.
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A short backstory to Silver, Worth, is up at Paper Demon. I'll deal with Elfwood later.

Silver's voice is always an interesting challenge to pin down. I don't think I've yet done it justice, quite, although no one would know that but me. He's the only character I have that pushing my vocabulary in that way, for most other characters I have to tone down the academia.

I ought to be working on the main story, of course, but it's still stuck in the what-happens-next problem. I was talking with my mom about it the other day, and she gave me some ideas to work with. I miss brainstorming like that. But it still comes down to figuring out what the various characters are going to do. And working around my narrator being locked in a room.


May. 29th, 2009 09:28 pm
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Apparently PaperDemon doesn't tell you when someone fav's your work, but it looks like both Silver and the back story got fav's. So, yah, color me surprised o.O . Especially since those are the only pieces - of the writing - to get a favorite.

Aaaaaand cue the guilt. Yep, there it is.
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Looks like Silver is mired again :P. It's getting to the point where I'm really realizing that the vague ideas I had way back when simply aren't going to work. So now it looks like the Bad Guys have won, and I have to figure out a way for them to, uh, not win. This story ... may end up going in a direction completely different from what I had originally thought.

I also just got through some technobabble and have no idea if it makes sense.

Time to let it stew for a bit, work on Mother Arc.....


Dec. 18th, 2008 05:51 pm
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Elfwood rejected my ticket. When I saw that, my first thought was "Oh hell, what did I miss?" because, usually, when that happens it's because I didn't have the search-and-replace set right, and so missed a "fuckin'" or a "shitty" or some such.

But no. When I opened the email, I saw this:

All illustrations must follow these guidelines:
a. The picture must have been drawn by you (please indicate in your story/poem‘s description that all illustrations are drawn by you) OR

b. The picture must have been drawn for you, and you state in your bio who drew the illustration, give a link to the artist(s) ....

Which made me go "Huh?? What illustration?"

Apparently the extranet had decided that the one and only illustration on that account - which has been there for years - was a new file. Naturally the moderator assumed it went with the other new file.

When I explained it, the moderator was really nice and let me put another ticket through right away. So the chapter is up.

The extranet is just screwy 9_9.
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You don't realize just how much swearing is in a piece until you have to edit it out, oy.

I went ahead and submitted Part 11 of Silver to Elfwood, though I'm sure it won't be up for several weeks. I don't really like to submit unbeta'd chapters, but my mom has been busy and I doubt she'll get to it any time soon. But I read over it again and made some changes, though I have yet to upload them to my personal library since my computer lacks an FTP program.

It's amazing what a little distance can do; I no longer think this chapter is awful. Though by now I've probably lost any readers I once had.
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I can't tell if I've written myself into a corner, or if I'm missing something. What little plotting there was was done years ago, and it no longer really works.

It's not something I'll be able to devote much time to over the next few months. I really wish I had a sounding board, though.
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Silver Part 11 is up on my personal site. Elfwood will follow when this chapter gets beta'd, which may be a while.

I still don't like this chapter, but it's long overdue.


Jun. 19th, 2008 08:50 pm
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800 words on Silver ::punches air::

I'm going to stop here, though (just as it's getting to the action, too ^^;) because I need to get up early tomorrow.
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Just over 1900 words into Part XI and finally feeling like I have something I can work with. The characters are doing things I hadn't anticipated, of course, but at least they're not staring at me anymore. They'd been staring at me for a while now, and it was starting to wig me out.

Of course this happens just as my writing time gets severely limited.

I also wrote out this little snippet when I was trying to get back into the grove for writing Silver. Unfortunately my POV character is asleep here, so it won't end up in the main work. But I like this little conversation, so I'm going to post it here for the hell of it.

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