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I'm having that problem of having one bid deadline and then another big deadline and then another big deadline and having had so many things pushed off to the side that it's like - well, now what.

The holidays were - fine. Stressed and busy because retail, and I didn't get to see as much of my family as I would have liked because retail, but fine.

The way things went was, Greg and Steph were originally planning to only come down Christmas day, what with the baby and all. So we were only focusing on getting the front part of the house presentable/livable/guest ready. But then their plans changed and they would be coming down Christmas evening, staying the night, and visiting with my Dad Saturday evening instead of Christmas evening. Except I worked Saturday. And Sunday. And now we had to get the guest bedroom ready on short notice. The bedroom where we had been stashing a bunch of stuff from the living room because it wasn't (the bedroom) going to be used. With me working. And we aren't even going to get into my issues over New Year's.

But it was fine. Was it worth all the stress and headache? I dunno. I still kinda think the holidays can go fuck themselves. I hate the pressure, I hate the obligation, I hate the performance, I hate the stress. I don't know if it's worth it, if the "up" side is enough.

And that's not even getting into New Year's, which was also fine, but still a big ball of issues that I need to deal with or decide isn't worth dealing with and just suck it up and move on.


Nov. 25th, 2015 10:22 am
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(Reposting from tumblr)
Things had gotten busy with work and getting ready for Thanksgiving and all, but we were managing all right, even might be getting things done on time for once -

- and then my mom busted her shoulder.

It was just one of those freak accident things that really doesn’t seem like it should have this much impact, but there we are. She’ll be all right, but now she can’t use her left arm for about 5 weeks.

So much for, y’know, doing stuff. You don’t realize just how many things you use two hands for until you suddenly can’t. Now it’s pretty much me doing stuff like cooking and laundry and dishes, as well as driving to Kaiser, moving the plants because a frost is predicted, etc. It doesn’t help that I’ve been working early shifts and got up at like 5 this morning, after going to bed at nearly midnight. I feel like it’s about 3 hours later than it is and I’ve stayed up past my bedtime.

But we did get cranberry sauce made (and fermented!), and pumpkin pie, and I had made mini doughnuts yesterday before everything went sideways. And we made some almond butter keto bombs.

(One of the things I was going to do today was catch up some on tumblr before the long weekend away, but - yeah. Not happening. I’ve I’ve missed anything major or important I apologize, social media and I have barely been nodding to each other in the hallway the last several days.)

(Also I am more than grateful to my manager for giving me Black Friday off, which I hadn’t even hoped to ask for, because retail, and OMG this is even more of a blessing now, because Mom wouldn’t be able to drive the Fit with a busted shoulder and is still having a hard time with things like, y’know, getting dressed. Busted shoulders suck.)
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I had to usher one of my fur-babies off with Bast yesterday... Khaibit's health hadn't been good for several weeks, but we couldn't tell if it was something treatable or not. He would seem to get better, and then slip back. Well, the last couple days made it clear that this was a downward slide, and we made the decision to let him go peacefully.

I don't think I can express how much this cat meant to me. He's been my furry little toddler, my little brat, for 16 years now. At 16-17 years old, we knew he would likely be going soon, but it's always too soon.

Between this and getting really for Christmas, it's been pretty stressful around here, and I've let a lot of things slide. Now I'm stuck in a bit of a "now what?" place now that two major things have been lifted... there's still so much to do, and right now part of me really, really wants to say "fuck Christmas" because it's nothing but a bunch of stress.

I dunno. Maybe things'll get better after New Year's.
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Sometimes I really hate this time of the year. It's all obligations and expectations and trying to live up to some invisible standard.


Dec. 28th, 2012 03:32 pm
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I think I can stop running now. Maybe. I still have a load of stuff to catch up on online but at least now I have time to sit at the computer. Sometimes.

Christmas went well, but it was a bit of a marathon. Stephanie only got the one day off, so they drove down, visited, presents, drove over to Dad's, visited presents, they drove back. But still, it wasn't bad. And we headed off the imminent plumbing disasters.

I'm going to be working on blocking out my time better so that I get more of the things done that I want to get done - like writing. I don't know if I've even opened Scrivener this December, and that's sad.
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So the deck is out. One minor hiccup of a burst pipe, but the deck is out. Why was there a pipe under the deck? Because the guy who put it in was an idiot. He was really big on do-it-yourself, but not so big on doing things to code or even common sense. Take the deck itself: ordinary wood, not weather-proofed, and painted - not stained, not sealed, painted. No wonder it was falling apart and rotted. So finding base metal pipe laid on the bare dirt wasn't really a surprise, and having it burst at a spot that was rusted through was just par for the course. There's shit like that all over the house: outlets nailed right to the drywall, extension cords run over bare insulation, wiring tied to joists with string, etc. Any work we do on the house inevitably leads to several rounds of face-palming. BUT the deck and the aviary are now gone, thanks to my brother's hard work, and we avoided a flood thanks to some quick thinking and a little ingenuity. now we can concentrait on getting the presents finished up and mailed and cleaning the house.
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Hi all! Up at [livejournal.com profile] kianacao's still for the New Year's weekend and typing on [livejournal.com profile] aligatorandme's laptop (on the floor, because it's the only place to get reception and be plugged in). I'll be home tomorrow, and hopefully then I'll get caught up on what everyone's been doing. I should also have pics and videos to post! We went up to the snow today for a few hours, even though none of us were dressed for it. You'll get to see me almost going ass over teakettle ^_^.

Anyway, it's getting a bit too uncomfortable kneeling like this, so I'll "see" everyone tomorrow. Night!

. . .

Dec. 22nd, 2009 11:11 am
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Allergies seem to have accomplished what the holiday stress could not. What the hell, nothing should be in bloom right now....

Allergies, and seeing that my insurance payments have gone up again.

Be back when my mood improves.
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Edit: Oh yeah, and happy solstice! Let's hear it for the rebirth of the sun!

Basement cat  tempts you with shinies
moar funny pictures

Sorry I haven't been around too much! I feel like I've been really bad with the commenting and I haven't even looked at the chat room or AIM. I've been spending the day trying to get ready for Christmas and spending the evenings beading. As you can see I was getting help with the photographing ^_^. I've got several things photographed, now I just need to settle on some prices and set up the shop. Which probably won't happen until after Christmas, at this rate.

My mom is starting to feel the Christmas pressure. I think I'm in denial. I need to wrap what presents I have and beg forgiveness for the ones I don't. Otherwise, I need to clean the house.

Hope everyone's weathering the stress.

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