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I had to usher one of my fur-babies off with Bast yesterday... Khaibit's health hadn't been good for several weeks, but we couldn't tell if it was something treatable or not. He would seem to get better, and then slip back. Well, the last couple days made it clear that this was a downward slide, and we made the decision to let him go peacefully.

I don't think I can express how much this cat meant to me. He's been my furry little toddler, my little brat, for 16 years now. At 16-17 years old, we knew he would likely be going soon, but it's always too soon.

Between this and getting really for Christmas, it's been pretty stressful around here, and I've let a lot of things slide. Now I'm stuck in a bit of a "now what?" place now that two major things have been lifted... there's still so much to do, and right now part of me really, really wants to say "fuck Christmas" because it's nothing but a bunch of stress.

I dunno. Maybe things'll get better after New Year's.
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Had to get up early to take the Tabby-kitty to the vet, and they ended up not doing the procedure after all. She had some abnormal blood work so they didn't want to put her under for the teeth cleaning (and probably pulling). I'm sure Tabby would be happy if she understood, but as is she's a little miffed at us right now because we put her in that nasty box and took her to that evil place.

She's fine though, mostly. We just need to give her a round of antibiotics and then bring her back in for a check-up (that'll be fun). She's a hearty little thing, she just has bad teeth (probably from not chewing her food). Considering that she was mostly feral when we took her in she's done pretty well. She's a total sweetheart now, but she'll vanish into thin air as soon as a stranger comes around.

But yeah. Up early so I'm going to bed.
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I climbed on my bed to use the blankets as a reference, and my cat was all "Ohai ur here to gives me loves!!" and proceeded to get in my way however he could, which included walking all over the blankets (and thus changing the folds), sticking his nose in my face, and gnawing on the sketchbook. He would've gone after the pencil, too, if I'd been using a regular one. Now he's looking at me over the folds of the blankets like "I never said you could leave."
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I just stepped on a bird carcass. Well, part of one. The part with the beak. GODDAM OUTDOOR CATS!! I know they're predators, I know they hunt, but I don't want to see it, and I certainly don't want to STEP on it XP. (In stocking feet, no less.)

If they must hunt, I really wish they'd do it somewhere other than the front porch (right on the mat, actually).
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Lunakitty has pancreatitis.

We took her to the vet yesterday on a sort of emergency run, but she's probably been suffering for a while. We have to give her subcutaneous liquid, antibiotics, antacids, and some pain killers, which I may forgo depending on how she's acting. She was happy to eat yesterday if she could lick it off my finger, which is a lot better than the disinterest in food she'd had over the last couple days, and she's drinking water now. She's been much more herself today, which is encouraging.

I just wish we'd noticed sooner. I feel so bad about that.
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Edit: Oh yeah, and happy solstice! Let's hear it for the rebirth of the sun!

Basement cat  tempts you with shinies
moar funny pictures

Sorry I haven't been around too much! I feel like I've been really bad with the commenting and I haven't even looked at the chat room or AIM. I've been spending the day trying to get ready for Christmas and spending the evenings beading. As you can see I was getting help with the photographing ^_^. I've got several things photographed, now I just need to settle on some prices and set up the shop. Which probably won't happen until after Christmas, at this rate.

My mom is starting to feel the Christmas pressure. I think I'm in denial. I need to wrap what presents I have and beg forgiveness for the ones I don't. Otherwise, I need to clean the house.

Hope everyone's weathering the stress.
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(Ignore the mess, plz.)

What I want to know is how they managed to hang the skein like that. Because it wasn't like that when I went to bed.
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It is far, far too hot today to be wandering around outside looking for a cat. I dunno if Tabby sensed "vet appointment," or is just holed up somewhere in the shade, out of earshot. Either way I had to call the vet and reschedule. But now I'm covered in sweat and can't work myself up to do anything because it all sounds too damn hot. :P

Aside: I'm a little disturbed by this dating site that proclaims "We delete members unfit to date!" It's like, "I'm sorry, we deem you unworthy to be in the gene pool."
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Tabitha - our outdoor kitty - came around with a limp and a swollen paw mid-afternoon on Sunday. It wasn't any better yesterday, so we (I) took her to the vet today.

The thing with Tabby is that she was about three-fourths feral when we took her in. She's a sweetheart and she loves her people, but she's still really skittish, and we'd never taken her to the vet before.

We bought a new carrier with a door at the top and set it out overnight (she used it as a bed). I felt so bad when I shut her in it today - like I was betraying her. She let out the most pitiful moan ;_;.

Turns out her leg is infected. They shaved the area and cleaned it, and gave her a shot of antibiotics, but we're going to have to keep her inside for a while and give her more antibiotics as pills.

Since she hasn't had her shots we don't want her interacting with the indoor kitties, so she's in the hall bathroom. The poor thing is so scared and confused. I feel really bad - but there's not much else we can do. There's no way we can let her outside until the infection clears up.


Apr. 24th, 2008 12:54 pm
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I may have actually found a cat with more fluff than mine:

LOLcat pic )

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