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Like, you're super hyped about several different fandoms, and are inspired for all of them, but it's so much so that everything sort of...cancels each other out? No? Just me?

I've been kinda stagnant and uninspired in my fandoms for a while, nothing really digging it's hooks in me enough to take the plunge into fandom/writing/whathaveyou. This season, though, is giving me new seasons/movies for things I already loved and now I'm having trouble choosing one thing to focus on! *laughs* Which is making deciding what to do for NaNo this year quite tough.

Lemme talk about my fandoms a bit )

But anyway, back on topic... Of course, since I am wanting to write and inspired to write even(!), I've gotten dragged back into playing Atlantica Online. Oops. So, as you can bet, being inspired for two (almost 3, give it a week) different fandoms that I can't decide on, and having AO as an ongoing distraction, well...that writing thing hasn't got anywhere yet. *laughs* A part of me just keeps shrugging it off, but I haven't written anything in nearly a year*, so I definitely need to get a bit of practice in before November kicks off. /o\

*No! I wrote that smutty Roy/Ed thing in March May! It's only been...a few months. Huh. Weird.

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