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Hello! If you're here for the fanfiction, there's an archive below the cut. Many of these works are yaoi/shonen-ai, and some may be rated as high as NC-17. If this is not your cup of tea, then please leave. All entries will be clearly labeled, so proceed at your own risk. Comments and crits are always welcome. Flames will be deleted without comment.

Otherwise, feel free to browse! Friending is always welcome; but if we haven't interacted much, you might want to drop me a comment. If I don't recognize a name, I might not friend back ^_^.



"Morning After" thread; Ed and Roy discover that alcohol and supressed crushes don't mix well. PWPish. Updated 12/27/06

"Waiting" thread; Post-series AT. Updated 08/04/11

"Collared"; Ed is captured as a prisoner of war, and ends up as the personal hostage of the field commander, one Roy Mustang. AU, Master/slave theme. Updated 06/12/11

"Now and Then"; Written for the Sweet Charity auction. Manga-verse, Roy/Ed get-together fic.

Drabbles; drabbles and double-drabbles on the 45 Roy/Ed themes. Completed 12/04/06

Tarot Drabbles; drabbles using the 22 major arcana cards as prompts. Completed 12/04/08

"Cream and Gold"; Ed has a surprise for Roy as they prepare for their wedding. One-shot (it spawned a sequel), very WAFFy.

"Wedding Present"; Ed has another surprise. Follows "Cream and Gold." WAFFy.

"Sex Ed"; Ed gets a brief and rather unhelpful lesson on sexuality from Roy. One-shot, humor, gen.

"Chocolate-covered Coffee Beans"; Roy has a secret admirer. Valentine's Day one-shot. Pure fluff.

"When All is Said and Done"; Edward's journy is over; but now what reason is there for him to live? Originally for the [ profile] steelandsparks anniversary contest. Dark side entry.

"Just a Day"; Ed's birthday is coming up, and Roy searches for an appropriate present. Technically part of the "Waiting" thread, but originally written for the [ profile] steelandsparks anniversary contest. Light side entry.

"One Dance"; A stolen moment and some shared comfort at a time when the world has gone crazy.

"In the Rough"; Sometimes love must wait a little longer to be enough. Songfic, one-shot.

"Mine"; PWP one-shot; bondage and dominance play.

"Nothing I Won't Give"; PWP one-shot, Hakuro/Ed; forced prostitution. Written for the kink!meme.

"A Mutually Beneficial Arrangement"; PWP one-shot, Greed/Ed; written for the kink!meme.

"Taking Advantage of a Novel Situation"; PWP one-shot; written for the kink!meme.

"Pathetic"; Ed helps Roy deal with the fallout of the Promised Day. Spoilers for manga chapter 102. Part of the "Now and Then" 'verse.

"Ever the Same"; Sex and angst; more on the fallout of ch. 102. Also part of the "Now and Then" 'verse.

"Final Project", chapters 1, 2, and 3; AU, university setting. Roy Mustang has plans to seduce the school's prodigy student, one Edward Elric, but things don't go quite as he planned.

"A Party to Remember", parts 1 and 2. Ed contemplates his reasons for being at a stuffy holiday party, and the man who invited him there. Roy/Ed PWP, written for the help_japan auction on LJ.


I often don't remember to update this list, so for the most recent art visit my deviantART, Paper Demon/Red Curtain, or y!Gallery page

Large robe, companion to Morning After.

Tail over teakettle, companion to Lack of Indifference.

Photograph, companion to Waiting.

Embrace, companion to A Change in Routine.

Dishes, companion to Dating.

Ed and Megan, companion to In the Rough.


Holiday Card.

Fullmetal Fanservice.



Garter, gift art for Happily Ever After by [ profile] rainjoyous.

Lovers at the Station, gift art for One for the Album by [ profile] rainjoyous.

Date: 2011-05-15 02:57 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
good good. I reread all of "Mother arc" over a few days and was all "squee" over it. I totally understand lack of productivity. My first EdxRoy fic took a few years to write, and then there was another huge gap ttil part 2.

Yay fics being betaed and forthcoming!

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